Hindsight is 20/20, Foresight is 2020, a Year of Opportunity to Get It Right

By: Rod Garland

How often have you said, or thought, “if only I had taken a different path in life” or, “if only I had known then what I know now, things would be quite different”?

Maybe it was to do with a career choice, an investment, or to do with a relationship, either way I’m sure most of us have had such thoughts and would relish the opportunity to go back in time and try again.

I distinctly remember my Mother telling me that I should set my sights on a career as a lawyer or accountant. Did I take her sage advice? Of course not, I knew better and decided that it was travel, sports and money that I wanted and my choice was the British Army, which was a great choice and fulfilling for a few years, until I got posted to Northern Ireland, where suddenly I was exposed to the less appealing side of military life as the potential target of a very committed group of Irishmen who really didn’t want us in “their” country.

Seismic became the next career choice to provide the opportunity for tr…

Canada has become a country that cannot get anything done but i did (eventually) get my woodshed built!

By: Doug Uffen

Amidst all the hype and hysteria in the media, the posturing by politicians these days, and then the involvement of the courts about the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline project, the timely construction of my woodshed in Windermere, British Columbia languished, suffering months of construction delay.The proposed pipeline route goes nowhere close to Windermere, yet this is what happened.

Initial construction began in October of 2017 but was suspended in November as the winter weather closed in.While the foundation and moorings were set in place with the floor and walls framed in, the trusses had not been completed yet and nothing had been closed in.Plans to invite a couple of friends out to Windermere, B.C., from Calgary for a woodshed “BRO-Project” extended weekend in April of this year, that included some golf and probably a few beers, ran afoul of politics, yes thanks to the impasse with the Kinder Morgan pipeline fiasco.One of my good friends, who constituted 33% …

Uncertain weather: the oil industry under climate alarmism

By: Brian Wm. Schulte PG and Henry Lyatsky

The interpretation and opinions expressed here are the authors' ideas on related science that interests us and affects us.Some members have quite different interpretations of this science and the editorial committee actively welcomes other articles from other perspectives on this and other interesting topics

“We all know that human activities are changing the atmosphere in unexpected and in unprecedented ways.” George H.W. Bush

“To be absolutely certain about something, one must know everything or nothing about it.”Henry Kissinger

Many feel passionate about climate change, and they may feel that the climate concerns discussed in this paper are either overblown or understated. Some may feel that climate change due to man-made greenhouse gases (GHGs) is not a valid scientific hypothesis at all, while others may think the world is facing an existential and imminent climate catastrophe. We find no scientific basis for either of these extre…