Intelligently Evolved to Create AI, eh?

Written By: Rod Garland Ever since man slithered out of the primordial soup disguised as a single-celled organism about 3 billion years ago, give or take a few millennia, he, she, or it has been greatly advantaged by change. Not the least of this change would have been the changing environment which had finally cooled the planet to a suitable temperature such that a mixture of chemicals and necessary elements could interact to create lifeforms that would embark on their evolutionary and competitive race into the future. Incidentally, Hydrogen, Oxygen & Carbon were the leading players in these interactions, representing 98% of the atoms to be found in the human body. A personal “Shoutout” to the much-maligned Carbon for its significant and magnificent contribution to this process. Along the way, genetic diversification took place, as life encountered challenges and changes in the environment, whereby some life took advantage of the change while others disappeared from the “tree of l

The Exploration Directive

    CAGC Column: The Exploration Directive DOUG IVERSON CANADIAN ASSOCIATION OF GEOPHYSICAL CONTRACTORS CAGC represents the business interests of the seismic industry within Canada –     The CAGC article, June 28, 2022, discussed the changes to 13 sections of The Exploration Directive, associated with the geophysical Exploration Regulations. Many of the changes were administrative in nature but several changes were operational. Most of this article will discuss the significant operational change. At the annual Regulator/Industry September meeting, the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) and Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) gave a joint presentation. The AER/AEP presentation included a very good brief summary of all the changes adopted within The Exploration Directive. That presentation can be found on the website or with this link: Slides 4 to 16 of their presentation highlighted the changes to the various Sectio

Self-Promotion for Independents and Young Professionals: Lessons from Business and Retail Politics

 Written By: Henry Lyatsky “Though we called your friend from his bed this night, he could not speak for you, For the race is run by one and one and never by two and two.” Rudyard Kipling (“Tomlinson”)                                                    Want to live?   Hustle!   No downer is more enervating than being ignored, left out, discarded.   You need clients; your start-up needs investors.   Your bills need paying; your girlfriend has run off with your employed former buddy.   Your college degree, supposedly a ticket to a shining life, is worthless.   You are surrounded everywhere by people, all hustle and bustle, not one of whom even seems to notice that you happen to inhabit this world with them.   You are isolated, confused, dispirited, caught in an Auden poem.   The world has no need of yet another geophysicist, engineer, geologist, technician.   You’ve barely started, you fancy yourself something special, and you’re dead-end surplus.   The mid-life crisis