COR - In The Downturn - How Enform Can Help

Originally published March 4th by Enform
The drop in oil prices has affected all of us, and if you’ve been forced to temporarily cut back on your operations as a result, you’re in good company.
We know this can make it difficult if you need to complete your COR certification or maintenance audit, but we have some options to help you through the process:
1. If you have a dramatically reduced number of worksites:
As long as you have at least one active field site you can base your sampling requirements on your best estimate of your high or medium activity levels for the current year. Requirements include:
  • The resulting audit must be representative of your overall operations for the audit year.
  • If you acquire new operations and undergo major business expansions, a new external audit may be required.
It’s important not to deliberately schedule your audits at times when your activity levels are low as a cost saving measure. If you do, you may lose your COR or be required to re-audit.
2. If you’ve been reduced to out-of-province worksites only: 
In this situation you can request permission to use out-of-province worksites for the current audit year, as long as the application is made prior to the start of the audit. You will be asked to submit a report detailing any fatalities, serious injuries or incidents, as well as occupational health and safety violations that happened out-of-province.
3. If you have no active worksites:
Even if you have no active worksites you can apply for a six-month COR, requiring only an administrative audit. This keeps your certification valid until a full audit can be completed under normal operations. An Administrative audit must be performed by an Enform External Auditor.

Tips for cost-effectively maintaining your COR

Here at Enform we have a number of options to help you minimize the cost of maintaining your COR. Check our website for audit options such as Action Plans, as well as information on having internal staff conduct your maintenance audit.
If you’d like to discuss your options, contact us at for a review of your file. You will need to provide a statement of your company’s current and future state of expected operational levels for 2015.
To learn more about the COR Program check out this blog post about ‘how COR can help your business’.


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