Several Companies Endorse CAODC's Oil Respect Campaign

By: Daily Oil Bulletin - March 30, 2016
Ensign Energy Services Inc. was one among many companies today that officially endorsed the Oil Respect campaign launched by the Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors in mid-February.
“It really is time for Canada to come together in understanding that in a federation we do things that are beneficial for all Canadians,” said Bob Geddes, president and COO of Ensign. “Of course the environment is of critical importance and our industry leads and understands our responsibility in environmental stewardship.
“However, we also need to think about our citizens’ current and future employment opportunities and Canada’s long-term ability to deliver ethical, emission-efficient fuel to global markets. Pipelines are as important to the future of Canada as the Trans-Canada Railway and the Trans-Canada Highway have proven to be, and will certainly be of great benefit to ensure the continued growth, development and prosperity of our country and our citizens.”
The Oil Respect campaign aims to put a face and voice to Canadian workers and businesses currently struggling in today’s oil and gas market. The campaign seeks to communicate and raise awareness of the facts on the current economic situation, its impact on Canadian workers, and acknowledge the significant contributions the industry provides to Canadians across the country.
Other companies issuing news releases officially endorsing the campaign included: Rezone Well Servicing Ltd.; Roll'n Oilfield IndustriesAKITA Drilling Ltd.; Savanna Energy Services Corp.; Predator Drilling; Mustang Well Services Ltd.; Lea-Der Coatings; Jomax Drilling; Citadel Drilling; Victory Well Services; Control Technology Inc.; Crusader Drilling Corp.; Galleon Well Servicing; DC Drilling; AFD Petroleum; Beaver DrillingQuesterre Energy Corporation; Independent Well Servicing; Lasso Drilling; Performance Energy Services.

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