The elephant in the room: Alberta's oil and gas exports

Posted: April 26, 2016
Author: Rob Roach - Director of Insight
Published in - The Owl

Alberta is not the only province dominated by a single export product category, but we do lead the nation in this respect. Like Alberta, oil and gas forms the largest slice of Newfoundland and Labrador’s export pie. New Brunswick exports a large amount of refined petroleum and, as such, joins Alberta and Newfoundland and Labrador in the oil-and-gas-is-our-largest-export club. Nationally, vehicles and transportation equipment (18.8 per cent) vies with oil and gas (18.5 per cent) as Canada’s largest single export category.
Alberta’s oil and gas exports in 2015 worked out to just over $15,000 per Albertan. The sway of agriculture in Saskatchewan is not far behind at $13,505 per person. What is startling is that Alberta’s per capita oil and gas exports are almost three times greater than Ontario’s auto industry exports. This is why so many Albertans can quote the daily price of WTI and why our province’s economic fortunes are so tightly bound up with the oil and gas sector.
Watch for a more detailed examination of Alberta’s export economy in the May edition of Perch.
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