Why Pipeline Protesters Are THE WORST CANADIANS EVER

Published: Oilfield PULSE magazine
By: Chris Grabill

    Pipeline protesters are worse than people who steal poppy collection money, worse than Alberta NDP caucus members, and worse, even still, then people who say, "Working hard or hardly working?" Simply put, the motley crew protesting the Energy East, Trans-Mountain, and Northern Gateway pipeline projects are the worst Canadians ... ever.

           As much as they would love to live in a world where oil and gas are not needed, the fact remains the global demand for our product is growing daily. In the foreseeable future, the elimination of fossil fuels will not occur. I hate to burst their bubble. So, why do they insist we change to an 'alternate economy' or do something the market is not demanding? Furthermore, any stats on pipeline safety show it is the most effective and safest way to transport oil. The main competitor would be rail, and i am sure there are many in the food industry, not to mention the people of Lac Megantic (site of a tragic oil rail fire that killed dozens in Quebec), who would prefer we stop moving so much oil via rail.
   Canada has always had a robust environmental oversight of the industry, and it continues today.

        Instead of dealing in the grown-up world of science, they prefer to stay in the ether of rhetoric. To break it down in a few steps:
             1. Climate change science is not settled. The nature of the scientific method states this          inherently with the growing voices of dissent and the growing piles of corruption in initial research on the matter.
             2. Canada's contribution to greenhouse gases is minimal and many would argue is net negative due to the massive carbon sink we have called the, uh, millions of acres of boreal forest and other plant life.
             3. If the science of climate change is proven correct (it won't be)_, then stopping all oil and gas in Canada will not do one thing for the environment, but it will cost billions of dollars that could've been used to mitigate the effects of climate change if, in fact, it was real (it's not). So, on these three points, these people are more flat-earthers than the original burners of heretics.

       They claim to be saving the environment by crippling the Canadian energy industry. They would happily have our industry shut down and be replaced by bird-murdering, blightful windmills that increasingly have a massive environmental impact in the use of resources to build them, the rare earth elements used inside of them, the amount of land required to house them, and the negative impact on flying wildlife. And, lest we forget, no windmills have ever been effective in replacing fossil fuels on a power grid in the world, and none have been economical without massive government subsidies, which we, the people, pay for.
       Further to their anti-environmentalism is the fact that for every barrel of Canadian oil not consumed by the world market, it will be replaced by a barrel from some pretty nasty spots. Parts Africa, Russia, and the Middle East have ridiculously low standards for environmental protection. Even our neighbours to the South have some rogue fields of unhealthy oil production. Canada has always had a robust environmental oversight of the industry, and it continues today.  With that comes the development of technologies and standards that can be exported to other parts of the world and actually have a true positive effect on the environment. These activists simply shouting down Canada are actually going to be the root cause of further environmental damage to the globe. The irony is delicious if it wasn't so sad.

        Another feature of the replaceable barrel phenomenon mentioned above is that as you do not support Canadian oil, you inadvertently support some true fiends. We bring in oil from the Middle East, which could be supplanted by Canadian oil if Energy East was approved. In this part of the world, women's rights are dubious at best. And, homosexuals are routinely beheaded and chucked off buildings. Our money that purchases their oil directly supports and funds the governments that carry out these atrocities.
        Activists continue to marginalize minorities right here at home by ensuring our first nations people will not receive revenue or jobs from the projects. The occasional bought-and-paid-for chief is part of the groups, but they typically use heart-wrenching 'mother earth' talk while lining their pockets with cash. Countless other bands and individual natives continue to be in cycle of poverty and misery perpetuated by an outdated and racist government system. By not allowing them use their lands for pipeline projects, this keeps them down and takes opportunity, wealth, and employment away form their next generation. Truly abhorrent.

          The pipeline projects in question here will help alleviate a big and long-standing issue with the Canadian oil and gas industry today, which is we need more markets. Essentially, all of our energy is sold to the increasingly competitive US market. Our products are landlocked, and they need to reach ports on the West Coast and markets in the East. Even in low price environment, these projects will bring in massive revenue that increases the wealth of the producing provinces, increases transfer payments to other provinces, increases jobs in manufacturing in eastern Canada, and a host of other economic, nation-building benefits. But, the pipeline protesters will hear none of it.
         Why? Good question. The movement is essentially two types of people. Leaders and cannon fodder. The students and riff raff who protest are useful idiots and nothing more. The leadership who directs these people are a whole other thing. These are professional trouble-makers, and their livelihood depends on doing this activism. But, who pays them? Unlike yelling at a public forum, marching with a silly sign, or doing a sit-in generates in real revenue. They are paid by foreign actors, which is typically the competition to our energy. Russian, Middle Eastern, and American money flows to these groups to protest our own oil, and these groups take it and work hard to earn it. It's almsot treasonous.

           The majority of people who support pipelines are at work, looking for work, or starting a business. They are  a huge silent majority. The paid professionals and their useful idiots have motive, time, and belligerence. The more noise they make, the more it seems like these pipeline approvals shouldn't be the absolute slam dunk that anyone with common sense thinks. They do this by shouting down opposition, shutting down meetings, and who knows how far they will go into violence and chaos as the process lurches forward. This behaviour violates the main and most powerful principle of our western world -- democracy. These people have no respect for it.
         All these distasteful characteristics - their passivity for horrible regimes and practices while sneering at Canada, their taking foreign money to punish our economy and our most vulnerable citizens, and their denial of rational fats and healthy debate being the solution to issues -- can only lead you to one conclusion. Pipeline activists are the worst Canadians ever.
         At the end of the day, the one visceral image is this: pipeline protesters are not saving the environment, they are not preventing a millionaire from getting a second vacation home, they are not protecting the ocean, they are not creating better energy, they are not diversifying the economy, and they are not protecting first nations. Simply put, the only tangible thing they are doing is screwing over the guy in Drayton Valley who wants to get in his truck, work hard, and feed his family.


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