Climate Change Just the Facts, Ma'am

By: Heather Douglas
Published: Energy Processing Canada

Every scientist around the world believes that climate change is a reality. What they disagree about is the reason.

On one side are the supporters of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) who believe it is caused by humans and carbon dioxide (CO2). On the other side sit the scientists - many of whom are Nobel Laureates -- who belong to the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC), convened in 2014-2016. They believe in geological-time, fossil fuels, and feel that humans have little impact on climate change.

The NIPCC say the "theory of human-induced global warming is not a science because the research is based on pre-ordained conclusions, huge bodies of evidence are ignored, and the analytical procedures are treated as evidence. Furthermore, "the panel adds, " the climate 'science' is sustained by government research grants. Funds are not available to investigate theories that are not in accord with government ideology."

IPCC Supporters

" Many scientists are now warning that we are moving closer to several tipping points that could - within as little as 10 years - make it impossible for us to avoid irretrievable damage to the planet's habitability for human civilization," U.S. VP AL Gore (1948 --), speech at New York University Law School, 2006.

"I was interested in variations in temperatures of the oceans voer the past millennium. But there are no records of these changes so I had to find proxy measure: coral growth ice cores, and tree rings, " Dr. Michael Mann (1965 --), professor, Pennsylvania State University (father of the temperature hockey stick).

"I think that once people understand the great risks that climate change poses, they will naturally want to choose products and services that cause little or no emissions of greenhouse gases, which means 'low-carbon consumption.' This will apply across the board, including electricity, heating, transport, and food. "Sir, Nicholas Stern (1946 --), Baron Stern of Brentford, U.K.

"We must now agree on a binding review mechanism under international law, so that this century can credibly be called a century of decarbonisation, "Hon. Angela Merkel (1954 --), Chancellor of Germany.

In essence the IPCC preaches five tenets, based on its most recent report released in 2014:

1. There is an increase in CO2 emissions caused by human activities.
2. The increased CO2, a greenhouse gas, will lead to ever-increasing global warming.
3. There will be five tipping points -- sea level rises, land levels change, coral atolls die, flora and fauna extinctions, and ocean acidification.
4. Climate change will be irreversible and human emission of CO2 must be reduced or stopped immediately.
5. To stop climate change, energy sources need to be shifted from coal, gas and oil (fossil fuels) to wind, solar, tidal, and biomass (renewables).

NIPCC Adherents

"Over the last 10,000 years, it has been warmer than today 65% of the time, "Professor Gernot Patzeit, Institute of Geographie, Innsbruck Austria in a speech to the International Climate & Energy conference in Munich (2011) where upon he was booed.

"We deny that carbon dioxide - essential to all plant growth - is a pollutant. Reducing greenhouse gases cannot achieve significant reductions in future global temperatures, and the costs of the policies would far exceed the benefits,"Dr. Ross McKitrick, University of Guelph (rebutting the infamous hockey stick).

"Six-million years ago, the Mediterranean Sea dried up. Ninety-million years ago alligators and turtles cavorted in the Arctic One-hundred-fifty-million years ago the oceans flooded the middle of North America and preserved dinosaur b ones Three-hundred -m illion years ago, northern Europe burned to a desert and coal formed in the Antarctica," Professor Robert Laughlin (1950 - -). Nobel Laureate (1988). Stanford University.

"Climate change ... is a matter of geologic time, something that the earth routinely does on its own without asking anyone's permission or explaining itself. The earth doesn't include the potentially catastrophic effects on civilization in  its planning ... Were the earth determined to freeze Canada again, for example. it's difficult to imagine doing anything about it,'' Professo r Laughlin.

The NIPCC refutes the IPCC's dogma with these counter­ arguments, based on its 2016 report.

Since 1750, there has been a rise in CO2 emissions,one fueled by coal, aiding the invention of steel and electricity. and enabled people to achieve a com fort able middle-class living This slight increase has led to a small greening of the planet.

Ice core measurements show temperature increases occur hundreds of thousands of years before CO2 actually increases. Therefore, CO2 cannot drive temperature changes. Geology shows that all six of the great ice ages were initiated when atmospheric CO2 was far higher than present (up to one-thousand times higher in the first two ice ages.) Geology also proves there has been a sequestration of atmosphere CO2 into limey sediments and rock for billions of years.

The earth currently has very low CO2 content compared with the past. Ice has been here less than 20% of earth's history and most of the time it's been warmer and wetter. The optimal CO2 content for plant growth is 1,600 parts per million (ppm).

There will be five tipping points. Sea level rises are caused by water covering land or land shrinking. In each of the six major ice ages, there were hundreds of glaciations and warm interglacial. Sea levels have risen more than 130 metres since 12,000 A.D.

Land level changes are cuased when volcanic eruptions create islands (Hawaii) and displace ocean water. Scandinavia, Scotland, and Canada are rising because the last ice age pushed land down, then the ice melted, causing the land to rebound.

Coral atolls grow whenever sea levels rise (validated in the South Pacific, Bahamas, Australia) and reefs die when land level rises and the corals lie above sea level (Vanuatu).

Extinctions are normal. Bacteria has been on earth for million or billions/years while humans have a short life here. The history of the planet shows huge increases in biodiversity during global warming and extinctions are universal during global cooling. The Australian Great Barrier Reef has disappeared more than 60 times during the last three-million/years whenever the climate has cooled, and revives whenever it warms.

Ocean Acidification occurs whenever chemical reactions between gasses and minerals cause the water and rock to swap chemicals.

World Needs Honest Debate

Governments around the world are passing legislation to stop/deter human emissions of CO2, and research grants are being given to those who support the IPCC. The world needs a public debate about human-induced climate change, before economies are destroyed and the poor die from energy-poverty.

What actually happened? The U.K. (2011-2016) saw home heating costs increase by 63 per cent while real wages decreased. Green levies have put 2.4 million households into energy poverty and six elderly/sick/vulnerable people die/year for each wind turbine (six deaths/megawatt of wind power generated). Germany (2010-2016) saw power cut off from more than 300,000 households/year as 800,00 live in energy poverty. Consumers subsidize solar, wind, and biofuel by more than 24.0 billion Euros annually for plants that generate electricity at a market price of 3.0 billion Euros/year.

The scientists believe the alternative energy systems are environmentally disastrous and cause loss of ecosystems, destruction of wildlife, sterilization of land, are inordinately costly, and both emit huge amounts of CO2 during construction. Renewables do not yet provide 24/7 base-load power and need fossil fuel back-up.

Again, what's the real world experience? Denmark has been a very enthusiastic supporter of wind power. In 2004, it decided not to build any more wind farms as it was producing Europe's most expensive electricity. When the wind is calm, the country relies on hydro-and nuclear0 generated electricity from Norway and France. Green taxes are more than half of every electricity bill.

Germany shut down its eight nuclear power stations because of green pressure and now has the world's largest solar and wind generating industry. The unreliability of these power sources has seen the country increase its emissions by building new thermal coal-fired stations. Electricity costs are almost double those in the U.S./megawatt hour. Ironically, the recent coal boom is a result of Greenpeace's political success.

According to the NIPCC, climate-change catastrophism is the biggest scientific fraud that has occurred in living memory. "Much climate 'science' is political ideology dressed up as science. Cheap energy is fundamental for employment, living in the modern world, and for bringing the Developing World out of poverty."

Don't forget, these esteemed scientists all believe in climate change - just over millennia, not overnight.


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