Report on Mission of PSAC Members to Ottawa

Gary G. Mar, President & CEO
Petroleum Services Association of Canada
Report on Mission of PSAC Members to Ottawa
December 1 – 5, 2018

‘Twas weeks before Christmas, and on Parliament Hill, 
PSAC traveled to fight, a Government Bill. 

C-69 will wreak devastation, 
On energy projects, across this great nation. 

Canadian energy is a responsible brand, 
That benefit all those who live in our land. 

We should be proud, without being crass, 
Of the importance of clean burning natural gas. 

Our oil is produced with the greatest of care, T
o protect our soil and water and air. 

Now days before Christmas, all through the land, 
Not a pipeline was pending, no chance to expand. 

The proceedings, so endless, were done for the season, 
None scheduled for judges to listen to reason. 

Energy workers were resigned to their beds, 
Where hopes of employment played with their heads. 

Their children, once hopeful of warm Christmas cheer, 
Now hoped it would be better sometime next year.


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