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Conflicting B.C. LNG Stories Confusing for Oilfield Services

By David Yager, National Leader, Oilfield Services Like the Keystone XL pipeline, hardly a day goes by when there isn’t another story in the business press about some aspect of the promising but as yet nonexistent business of exporting liquefied natural gas from the west coast of Canada to international markets. The often conflicting news coverage of massive economic opportunity faced with seemingly endless challenges leaves most in the oilfield services sector confused at best.    The reason BC LNG gets so much media coverage is the enormity of the potential impact; the number of players involved; the rapidly changing dynamics of the world LNG marketplace; its stated political and economic importance to the province of British Columbia; and the fact it doesn’t actually exist.  Speculation on who will benefit if and when something actually happens has gotten so nutty that some public oilfield service company analysts tout various stocks as “well positioned” for the LNG bo

Excerpts from Industry Thought Leaders

Mike Doyle is the President of the CAGC – the Canadian Association of Geophysical Contractors - representing the business interests of the seismic industry within Canada. The CAGC website may be found at . Snippets of thought – some timely excerpts from some of the Industry Friendly Thought Leader Types follow: Energy Illiteracy Represents A Major Concern For Industry And The Entire Country: Moore By  Carter Haydu  – April 17, 2014 There is a battle being waged inconsistently and often incoherently in regards to energy and the environment, says Michal Moore, economics professor with the University of Calgary at the School of Public Policy. “We live in a disconnected world -- independent, but utterly dependent on complex systems and faceless representatives for service,” he said, adding societal leadership is remote with regards to public issues and relies on symbols as opposed to direct metrics to measure opinion and demand. Moore told this week