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Letter to BC Premier John Horgan

Honourable John Horgan Premier of British Columbia PO Box 9041 Stn Prov Govt Victoria, British Columbia V8W 9E1 February 13, 2018 Dear Premier: I am writing about the Government of British Columbia's announcement proposing to set up a scientific advisory panel to develop recommendations regarding potential restrictions on current and increased diluted bitumen ("dilbit") transport. CEPA sees this proposal as unnecessary and duplicative of previous work conducted on this issue. There is a significant body of research that proves the transportation of dilbit does not pose an increased risk to pipeline infrastructure or the environment. Accredited studies in this respect include but are not limited to the following: Properties, Composition and Marine Spill Behaviour, Fate and Transport of Two Diluted Bitumen Products from the Canadian Oil Sands, Government of Canada, 2013; Effects of Diluted Bitumen of a Crude Oil Transmission Pipelines, National Academy of

Global Warming Convert Sees Natural Gas Bonanza As Climate Cure

Published: DOB By: Maurice Smith Physicist and self-described converted skeptic on climate change  Richard Muller  says the shale gas revolution has arrived just in time to offer a solution to the climate crisis. And an associated pollution calamity unfolding in China could be the catalyst to spread the shale gale there and elsewhere to buy time to deal with the larger crisis, he told a Calgary audience. “The number of people who die every year in China from air pollution is 1.6 million. That’s 17 per cent of their mortality. They know this — the world is ignoring it. This is the greatest environmental catastrophe in the world today and we more or less ignore it,” Muller said. “If you are an environmentalist, this is the greatest environmental catastrophe in the world today. Global warming may be the world’s greatest environmental catastrophe of all time, but this is the catastrophe today. And the good news is, if we solve this, we solve global warming.” Muller was