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Global Energy Demand, Carbon Emissions Spiked In 2018:BP

By: Paul Wells - Daily Oil Bulletin Global energy demand and carbon emissions from energy use grew at their fastest rate since 2010/11, moving even further away from the accelerated transition envisaged by the Paris climate goals, BP said in its annual Statistical Review of World Energy released this morning. “The headline numbers are the rapid growth in energy demand and carbon emissions. Global primary energy grew by 2.9 per cent in 2018 — the fastest growth seen since 2010. This occurred despite a backdrop of modest GDP growth and strengthening energy prices,” Spencer Dale , BP’s group chief economist, said during a webcast from London. “At the same time, carbon emissions from energy use grew by two per cent, again the fastest expansion for many years, with emissions increasing by around 0.6 gigatonnes. That’s roughly equivalent to the carbon emissions associated with increasing the number of passenger cars on the planet by a third.” Demand growth was largely

'Made In Canada' Natural Gas: Helping To Reduce Worldwide Pollution

Written By: Crystal Rhyno - Daily Oil Bulletin This article is part of a new monthly editorial series “Canada, LNG and the natural gas economy.” This initiative is supported by the Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources (CSUR), which is a leading Canadian source of factual, unbiased technical information on the development of unconventional oil and gas resources. Canada has the potential to help the worst polluters in the world get off coal with its abundant supply of natural gas. The country’s unofficial unique brand of producing the most responsible and ethical natural gas in the world could propel Canada into the role as a significant global player in the race to mitigate greenhouse gases. “LNG can have the greatest impact and greatest contribution to resolving the climate change problem and that should really be Canada’s main contribution because it can offset effectively higher intensity fuels,” says Tristan Goodman , president of the Explorers