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The Promised Land

Rod Garland - Author of a "Canadianization" rewrite of the Ten reasons why Boris's green agenda is just plain wrong - Telegraph - Published by SAS Volunteer - November 22, 2020 Link: The Promised Land   Hi, I’m with the Government and I’m here to help, whether you want me to or not.   Like Moses in the Exodus, but not quite with the same flowing beard as depicted in the classic Exodus movie, our fearless leader has descended from the mountain with his own set of commandments as part of a green industrial revolution to tell us what is needed to make our lives better.   At a cost of tens, or maybe hundreds of billions of dollars, he will have Canadians driving electric cars powered by wind turbines or solar cells and giving up their gas boilers to heat their homes to be replaced with ground-source heat pumps.   He will transition away from fossil fuels