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Revised Alberta Exploration Directives Will Change the Layout of Future Seismic Programs

Written By: Doug Iverson P. Geoph, Consultant, Published: The CSEG Recorder - June Edition (online) CAGC represents the business interests of the seismic industry within Canada –  This column represents the authors’ perspectives on the seismic business. There have been important updates to the Alberta Exploration Regulation and the associated Exploration Directive that will allow better subsurface imaging on most new seismic acquisition programs and repeat 4D projects. The major change is described ‘briefly’ in the fourth last paragraph of this article. This Exploration Directive update is significant because it is the first time since 2009 that any of the 26 Directives have been reviewed, stakeholders engaged, and the Section rewritten and ultimately approved. The industry had been working since 2010 on numerous Directive improvements and finally, in April 2022, changes to 13 of the 26 Directives finally came into effect. So why did it take twelve