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Vote Energy

    This federal election, Canada’s political parties will present their visions for the future of our country as we emerge from a period unlike any other in our history. The world is recovering, and many will present this recovery as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to implement their vision for Canada’s future. And while the various promises offered throughout the campaign will have their differences, one commodity will be needed for those promises to be kept. Energy. Why Vote Energy? Healthcare, highways, education, cleantech innovations that reduce emissions – improving in any of these sectors will require energy. And while the focus on a sustainable planet has never been greater, the reality is global demand for all forms of energy is rising rapidly and is expected to surpass pre-Covid levels early next year. So, what are we going to do about it? We can choose to deny the global realities of natural gas and oil demand, con

Faster Higher Stronger

 Written By: Rod Garland  “Citius, Altius, Fortius” The Olympic motto in English is “Faster, Higher, Stronger”. The 2020 Olympics in Tokyo have just wrapped up after 2 weeks of fantastic athletic competition, great personal and team achievements and a management success by any measure, in light of the challenges from the Covid-19 pandemic, which delayed this quadrennial spectacular for an entire year. From a Canadian perspective, Canadian women out-performed Canadian men by a considerable margin; the final medal being won in the women’s cycling sprint final by Kelsey Mitchell from Sherwood Park, Alberta. Kelsey had planned to work in the Oil & Gas industry but due to an unforeseen illness, found herself on a different track that led her into cycling and a trip to Tokyo. Congratulations Kelsey. Once again the Japanese people showed fantastic resilience, especially and literally in “the wake” of the earthquake, tsunami and failure of the Fukushima Nuclear Plant and consequent