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Fortress North America

Mike Doyle is the President of the CAGC – the Canadian Association of Geophysical Contractors - representing the business interests of the seismic industry within Canada. The CAGC website may be found at . In light of the recent climate change rallies around the world claiming about 750,000 participants with about half of them in New York prior to the UN Climate meeting it is interesting to wonder if the movement is growing or whether it just ebbs and flows with certain events in time. Certainly economics often dampen environmental concerns however moratoriums on hydraulic fracturing in places such as Nova Scotia and Quebec at the very least signal public disconcert regardless of jobs and the economy, whereas on the other hand fracturing in the USA has changed the North American energy picture and as well the world’s. We now have wars in the Middle East that do not affect the price of oil. We recently had Vivian Krause speak at our Alberta Geophysical Sympos

Energy Literacy…?

By: Lucas Silva, CAGC, Back in January when the idea of working for the CAGC as their communications intern was first conceived, I was aware of the importance of the oil and gas industry for the entire world, the country, and the province of Alberta. I understood that it stimulated the economy, and provided us with gas in our cars. Of course I was aware of these things; it would be difficult not to be. While being aware of that, I didn't understand the magnitude of the industry. I never even considered what the country would be like without it. I simply took it for granted. I knew the obvious benefits, and I had heard the negativity in the media surrounding oil and gas in Alberta, but I never looked into it to the point where I knew any details or specifics. I couldn't discuss it with any sort of confidence. I was aware, but I wasn't energy literate. I didn't realize the vast amount of products that comprised from oil and gas that affect my