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The Global Warming Deception

Written By: Tim Ball, PhD , is a Victoria-based climatologist, author and lecturer, and professor emeritus, University of Winnipeg. In March 2007 Dr. Ball met with leading U.S. senators, representatives and chiefs of staff in Washington, D.C. He also testified before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Natural Resources' Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources. Published: Pipeline Observer Magazine, Winter Edition New book by the Canadian climatologist who advised Trump examines the motivations behind climate-change claims        I studied weather as aircrew and an operations officer with the Canadian Air Force. I learned how little we knew and how bad the forecasts were. They were almost useless beyond 48 hours then, and sadly it is the same today.        Despite this, similar computer models are used to make climate forecasts that tell us with 95 per cent certainty it will be warmer 50 years from now. What is going on? A massive deception is the simple an

Review of energy cost inputs - more regulations = delays, higher prices

By: Canadians For Affordable Energy Canada faces persistent uncertainty about trade and competitiveness. Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s  2018 Budget  did nothing to address these concerns. “I don’t think anybody expected the minister to rewrite the tax code overnight,” said John Manley, who served as Canada’s finance minister under Jean Chr├ętien and is now president and CEO of the Business Council of Canada. “But this budget all but ignores Canada’s serious tax competitiveness challenges, sending an unfortunate signal to entrepreneurs and companies that are looking