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The most irrational, damaging or downright dumb beliefs of 2017

By: Gwyn Morgan - Columnist, Troy Media           A look back at 2017 shows far too many instances in Canada where we got it all wrong               For my first column of the New Year, I've dipped into my collection of irrational, damaging or downright dumb happenings in 2017.        The year saw major breakthroughs in the use of genetically-modified human cells to treat diseases, including retinal dystrophy and blood cancer. Human genetic re-engineering is an emerging science but there has been little public concern.        By contrast, baseless fear-mongering by activists opposed to genetically-modified organisms has turned GMO food into a public pariah.        In reality, genetically-modified foods, such as Canadian canola oil, have been consumed by humans for more than two decades without a single substantiated case of harm.        How can it be that people are OK with GMO being injected directly into our bodies, while eating plants derived from the same techn

Stand up for Canada

By: Rod Garland As Albertans, we know that we live in one of the most beautiful provinces in one of the best countries in the world. From the spectacular Rocky Mountains, through the foothills, the boreal forests and into the grasslands of the prairies, we have it all, except a coast line of course. We are blessed with impressive natural resources that are the envy of many, that provide, through development and export, a great bounty for all Canadians. It should be no surprise that the 3 provinces that contribute substantially through equalization payments to the rest of the other provinces and territories of Canada are Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan, all with a high natural resource economic profile. There are challenges however living, working and playing in northern latitudes due to the extremes in weather conditions and difficulty to access those resources for portions of the year, but with a population that is small, relative to the vast expanse that is Canada, we have b