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Written by: Tim de Freitas PHD, Bob Quartero PGEO, MSC Published: Oilfield Pulse Volume 5, Issue: 1 - 2017 ALBERTA NDP'S NEW CARBON EMISSIONS POLICY        The Alberta government sponsored commercials proclaiming a "new future" aim to incentivize us to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane gas emissions from fossil fuels (oil, natural gas, and coal). The upshot is a proposed new tax.        According to recent studies, we now spend less on food, shelter, and clothing combined than we do on taxes. Despite the NDP's claim there is broad public support for the "new future" tax, a recent Yale University study found the NDP has only 28% support for this plan.        The tax makes us less competitive; moreover, it will be ineffective at changing atmospheric CO2 concentration, since growth of emissions from other nations will overwhelm our savings. Consider that Canada's CO2 emissions from fossil fuel use amounts to 1.7% of the global total and 3-6%