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Can we TRUMP The Status Quo?

By: Mark Scholz Published: Oilfield Pulse        As 2017 approaches, the Canadian oil and gas industry is part of the national conversation like few times in our history. Our responsible, ethical, world leading industry is at risk of being permanently damaged by an orchestrated attack from radical environmentalists. Over the past decade, millions of dollars have been spent by well-organized, media savvy ENGOs to position Canada's oil sands in popular culture as the focal point of climate change, dirty oil, and corporate greed. They have managed to place several of their key representatives, such as Tzeporah Berman and Gregor Robertson, in important government roles in Western Canada and are now using taxpayer dollars, in addition to their considerable private funding, to drag the Canadian energy industry through the mud in front of the world.       Ironically, at the same time, Canada's oil and gas industry continues to lead the world in responsible and ethical production.

National Suicide

By: Darrell Stonehouse, Editor Published: Oilweek - JWNENERGY              T he election of Donald Trump as the U.S. president has a lot of Canadians smugly looking down on our neighbours to the south, believing they have made a grave error in judgment.       But rather than wallowing in arrogant condescension, Canadians should be taking a sober look at what Trump's election means for Canada's economy because if the new president carries through on his stated plans, we could be in big trouble.       The Canadian economy is already uncompetitive versus the U.S. Labour productivity statistics bear this out. For every hour of work in 2012, the U.S. produced $52 of value, compared with $42 of value for Canada.       Trump, if he walks the walk and isn't just another politician, is set to further roll back the regulatory state and taxation rates that act as a brake on productivity growth. He is set to cut federal corporate tax rates from 35 per cent to 15 per cent, free

Here Comes Trudeau's Carbon Cops

By: Jordan Bateman Taxpayes Federation Published: Fort Nelson News            Justin Trudeau's climate change plan just keeps getting worse for Canadians.     It's bad enough that he is forcing British Columbia to hike its carbon tax by 60 percent, while the rest of the world rejects the idea. Reliably Democrat-loving Washington State voted down a carbon tax last month and US president-elect Donald Trump has already ruled out a national tax. Australia and France have scrapped their carbon taxes. We're boldly going where no one else is bothering -- all to address our miniscule, 1.65 percent share of global carbon emissions.     Now Trudeau is bragging about the bureaucracy his plan will beget. The government plans to unleash thousands of carbon cops across Canada. Buried in a 209-page document of environmental red tape to be discussed by Trudeau and the provincial premiers this weekend are a dozen words that will cost taxpayers millions: "Compliance and enforceme

“HUBRIS” A Hard Look At Climate Change

Preface Imagine a movement so bent on achieving its political objectives that it is willing to corrupt science to meet them. Imagine governments around the globe, first adopting and then promoting this official science for more than two generations. Imagine that they are willing to use their regulatory power to implement a massive program of social engineering in order to “save” the planet. Imagine the United Nations leading this movement and insisting that a global effort is required. Imagine the movement’s leaders believing that people around the globe must change their eating, heating, cooling, lighting, toilet, transportation, manufacturing, entertainment, even housing habits and reject values that are critical to their prosperity, happiness, and welfare, confident that humans can adapt and revert to simpler, more primitive, more local lifestyles, have fewer children, and embrace lives presumed to be more in harmony with nature. Imagine thousands of scientists engaged at

Mayor's Letter to BC Citizens

"USA stops importing Canadian oil and gas" Dear British Columbia Citizens, That is not a current headline but it could be. What would happen to our economy if it was? I would like to talk to you about energy, pipelines and our natural resources. I am a mum and a grandma and I have lived in the north all my life. I am also the Mayor of Fort St. John --- right smack in the middle of one of the world's largest supplies of oil and gas. I live in a region surrounded by pipelines, wells, hydraulic fracturing (fracking) sites and canola and wheat fields. I have eaten the food we grow here and I drink our water. I understand what it takes to extract our natural resources and what it takes to protect our environment. I live it. I don't want to try to convince you of anything but I would like to share with you what I know to be true. I strongly encourage you to do some of your own research. Learn more than what you read in a tweet or a Facebook post. I have added some