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Hey, East Coast, Western Canadians want their winters back

By: Doug Firby, Editor-in-Chief, Troy Media Article originally published in the March 2015 edition of The Roughneck Magazine. Excuse us westerners, central Canada. We’re as confused about the weather as you must be. It’s hard for us to understand just what you’re going through because, well, we’re not. At the time of year when we’re usually bundled up in our Canada Goose parkas, plugging in our cars and wondering what we’re doing in this god-forsaken place, we are instead pondering whether it’s already time to think about taking off our snow tires. Our ski hills are going though the worst winter in at least a decade. Some, including Mount Washington on Vancouver Island and Castle Mountain in southern Alberta, have actually given up the fight and closed for the season. Evens some of those that have stayed open are full of slush and mud. Then we talk to friends and relatives in Ontario and hear stories about -40 wind chills, snow storms and other frigid cruelties not no

From Passive Endorsement to Active Engagement

CAPP and industry aim to turn up the volume by inspiring supporters to stand up for Canada's oil and gas industry.  By: Clara Stanfield  Originally posted in CAPP's April 2015 issue of their Context Magazine. Original article can be found here:  If you've ever stood in line for your morning coffee, listening to people behind you criticize the energy industry, and debated whether or not to say something, Jeff Gaulin says you're not alone.  Gaulin, vice-president of communications at CAPP, understands the strong social forces working against supporters of Canada's oil and gas industry to speak up publically. "It's a three-to-one ratio of those willing to to speak out against the industry to those willing to speak up for it," he says. "And we really need to change that." Those numbers are a bit surprising when you consider that among the general population, polls typically show broad support for th

Natural Gas - Bridge Fuel or Fuel of the Future?

By: EnergyNow Media Originally posted on April 13th, retrieved from: BP Plc coined the slogan “Beyond Petroleum.” The new industry mantra might be “Beyond Oil and Into Gas.” Oh, and while we’re at it, “Down With Coal.” Consider Royal Dutch Shell Plc’s recent $70 billion acquisition of BG Group Plc — clearly a huge bet that natural gas will prove to be its cash cow of the future. The petroleum industry’s move toward gas is hardly new — the hydraulic fracturing shale revolution is in its second decade, after all. Still, Shell’s move is an emphatic confirmation that some among the Big Oil family firmly believe gas will play a growing role in meeting the energy demand of emerging countries such as China and India that are trying to move away from dirtier coal. “Gas will likely overtake coal as the world’s second fuel by the late 2020s,” said Jonathan Stern, head of the natural gas program at the Oxford Institu

Public Confidence - External Mobilization - Comments from CAPP

CAPP Speaker Series featuring Deryck Spooner - April 1, 2015  Below is an opening speech from CAPP's VP of Communications, Jeff Gaulin. The entire speaker series featuring Deryck Spooner, can be found here:  My name is Jeff Gaulin. I am the Vice President of Communications at CAPP, and it is my pleasure to welcome you today to our first speakers’ series of 2015. Today CAPP is pleased to invite Deryck Spooner as our first speaker of the year. Deryck is the Senior Director for external mobilization for the American Petroleum Institute in Washington D.C. Deryck will be sharing some of the examples in his case studies from his experiences in the United States, but as he will also emphasize - I feel that almost all of these strategies and tactics that he describes are universal in their application, they are equally applicable here in Canada. Now while some of the details on the political systems and the regulatory processes c

Top 12 Media Myths on Oil Prices

By Dan Doyle for, originally published on April 8th.  Dan Doyle is President of Reliance Well Services, a hydraulic fracturing company based in Pennsylvania. The upstream oil and gas industry is not a black hole. There’s no mystery wrapped in an enigma here. There are a lot of meetings with engineers, chemists and geologists. There’s a constantly evolving learning curve. And then there’s all the regulations and compliance. But all-in-all it’s pretty straight forward, that is, until  the media gets a hold of it . That’s when it becomes complicated. It’s as though we are getting reports from the mysteries of the deep ocean or life in the great galaxies beyond. There is so much hyperbole and unsupported guesswork that investors don’t have a chance. So, in a small effort to set the record straight, let’s see if we can’t dispel some of the misinformation. Misperception #1:  Goldman Sachs knows what is going on. This is incorrect. Goldman Sachs should not be quoted ex