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CAGC Column: Seismic Program Evolution & Development – High Level Summary ROD GARLAND MANAGER OF MEMBER SERVICES, CANADIAN ASSOCIATION OF GEOPHYSICAL CONTRACTORS CAGC represents the business interests of the seismic industry within Canada – The following is anecdotal based on my experiences working for several Data Acquisition & Oil companies and owner/manager of a Survey & Auditing company, as a Head Surveyor / Cat Push / Drill Push / Permit Man / Party Manager / Survey Processor & Auditor for the period starting in 1975 to present. Evolution of seismic lines – A Surveyor /Cat Push perspective Prior to 1975 Line Widths                        New Cut 25’ (8m), some existing trails were used that tended to bend to                                             follow the higher solid ground with minimal widening (cutting) Line Clearing                      Cats 1950’s & 1960’s (D2, D3) 1970’s (D4, D5, D6,), Chainsaws Slash Disposal                   

Fight climate extremists before they upend society

By Ross McKitrick Professor of Economics at the University of Guelph and a Senior Fellow The Fraser Institute Start learning the deep details of the science and economics instead of letting extremists dictate what you're allowed to think or say           Last year was the year the climate issue took a sharp turn towards extremism. Let's hope 2020 is the year of sanity makes a comeback.          There have long been three groups occupying the climate issue. To avoid pejoratives, I will call them A, B and C.          The A group are the doubters. They don't believe greenhouse gases (GHSs) do much harm and they don't support expensive climate-policy interventions. If we must choose between climate policy and the continued use of inexpensive fossil energy, they readily choose the latter.          The C group think the opposite; they fear a climate catastrophe, they foresee a crisis and they want urgent action, regardless of cost, to stop it.          The B gr