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California Gasoline Sales Point to Growing Oil Demand

Jan 28th, 2015 By: John Kemp, retrieved from from the Daily Oil Bulletin   (Reuters) — Motorists in California purchased more gasoline in October 2014 than any corresponding month since 2007, according to state tax records, confirming the renewed growth in U.S. fuel demand. State gasoline consumption was 2.3 per cent higher than in the same month in 2013 and 4.1 per cent higher than in 2012, according to the  California Board of Equalization , which collects motor vehicle fuel tax in the state. Sales have been growing since June 2013 and the trend is expected to accelerate as motorists respond to the halving of fuel prices by purchasing larger vehicles and driving more. Lower crude oil prices will gradually rebalance the market by slowing crude production growth and encouraging more use of refined fuels. Gasoline sales up California’s gasoline sales have been rising for more than a year but the rate of increase accelerated in September and October 2014, coincidi

Greenpeace represents the rollback of human achievement

By: Derek Fildebrandt, CAODC The following OpEd was published in the Calgary and Edmonton Sun, and was retrieved from Originally published on December 17th. Greenpeace is not just some silly, stunt-pulling - but ultimately innocent - environmentalist group. They represent an extremist, neo-luddite movement to roll back human achievement. If this was ever in doubt, it no longer is. More than 1,500 years ago, the ancients of Peru constructed the Nazca lines. Believed to have astronomical or religious significance, the lines beautifully draw massive hummingbirds, monkeys, fish and other animals. The largest of these is over 200 metres across. The lines are made from extremely sensitive ground and are only (legally) viewable from the surrounding foothills or by aircraft. Even the president of Peru is forbidden from walking on the highly sensitive grounds. It holds such value that it has been designated at UNESCO World Heritage Site. Such concerns were tossed

Sea Change... Again

February Recorder Article By: Mike Doyle, CAGC Mike Doyle is the President of the CAGC – the Canadian Association of Geophysical  Contractors - representing the business interests of the seismic industry within Canada.  The CAGC website may be found at . Readings are solely for the entertainment of customers. - Sign above a table used for crystal ball gazers, tea leaf and tarot card readers Dave Yager of MNP LLP said in his January 5, 2015 Newsletter  “ Holy cow. Do up your seat belt.  WTI trading at US$48.14 right now.” So here comes the next bust. Our last bust in 2009 (after the 2008 market crash) brought some strong years in 2011, 2012 and 2013. The market correction is always a violent one that has a lot of fallout. The Rig Counts went from record highs in 2008 of over 20,000 to 2009 with counts under 10,000. Operating Days were halved as well however in the years that followed; recovery came in the form of operating days instead of rig counts a