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Things are Looking UP

By: Rod Garland Things are Looking UP It was somewhere between as much as 2 million years ago and maybe as little as 350,000 years ago that your ancestor and mine may have warmed themselves as they sat around a fire enjoying the delights of a barbequed mammoth steak and possibly staring in hypnotic, wonderment towards the star-filled heavens. The night sky must have been impressive back then with no pollution from any light source, other than the camp fire, and it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to believe that the spectacle was ample replacement for the high definition, wide screen, colour TV that most humans enjoy watching today. Many anthropologists attribute the ability to cook meals as a major landmark in the acceleration in the growth of the human brain that likely contributed to the unprecedented evolution of our species. Fire and heat were the critical components in our ability to cook the meals, although in recent times I’m thankful for the self-cleaning oven a