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Seismic Acquisition Expected To Be Soft In 2014-2015; Mergers May Signal Market Bottoming

By: Carter Haydu, Daily Oil Bulletin Coming off the tail end of a relatively lacklustre 2013-14, seismic acquisition companies can expect a similarly soft season ahead in Western Canada, say industry representatives. “There has been one merger completed and another merger that is imminent, but even with the mergers happening there is still minimal work available for crews in Canada,” Forrest Burkholder , general manager at SAExploration Holdings Inc. , told the Bulletin . He added: “2014 was mediocre at best and 2015 is looking like it is going to be similar or slightly worse.” According to Burkholder, lack of market access for producers is limiting exploration, which means companies are focusing on developing current assets with infrastructure and available markets already in place, which is largely reducing the work available for seismic firms. “I would certainly think the pipeline issue is impacting all Canadian energy service sectors,” he said, adding that many oil and g

Quebec and Ontario want to discuss Alberta emissions to approve Energy East?

By: David Yager, National Leader, Oilfield Services MNP Oilfield Services News We should all think our luck stars our industry got a few interprovincial oil and gas pipelines built before they became the political issue of the day. There was a time – decades ago regrettably - when people were happy to have the jobs and economic activity associated with pipeline construction. No longer.  With lots written about Keystone XL, Northern Gateway and increasingly Kinder Morgan TransMountain, it is now time to put the public and media focus on Energy East. OFS New predicts getting this pipeline approved will also not be easy.  Energy East is the all-Canadian plan to get Alberta crude to Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and the Atlantic Ocean. It involves switching the flow of one of TransCanada’s underutilized legacy natural gas pipelines from gas to oil. If completed, one day the $12 billion project (today’s estimate) could carry 1.1 million barrels of day of oil to new markets. Its

What happened in the U.S. Midterms: A breakdown, and its effect on Canada, Keystone XL pipeline

By: The Canadian Press, from EnergyNow WASHINGTON - It didn't take the Canadian government long to note the far-reaching policy implications of the Republican wave in Tuesday's midterm U.S. elections. It swept the party to power in both chambers of Congress. And it carried into state races, where Republicans were flirting with an 82-year-old party record for most governorships. And it left President Barack Obama wobbling with the unwanted distinction of most seats lost throughout a presidency since the Second World War. But, as Jason Kenney noted, it also held potential implications for the Canadian economy — having, just maybe, created the winning conditions for a certain long-delayed oil pipeline. "Good news for Canadian jobs & economy," the employment minister tweeted. "It looks like the new US Senate will have the 60+ votes needed to ensure that Keystone XL is approved." He could be right. The impact on Keystone XL is just one of countle