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At crisis time, Canada is boxed in by its energy policy tunnel-vision

Executive Summary The world is currently facing simultaneous energy and climate crises. There is considerable scientific  consensus that the impacts of a changing climate are having significant human costs as well as adverse  impacts on biodiversity. And broad agreement exists that we must put in place strong measures to  mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change. At the same time, some climate policy responses have had significant negative effects on energy security, threatening the global economic recovery from  the COVID-19 pandemic and putting out future economic security at risk. Sadly, the pace, logistics, and costs of the transition from fossil fuels to low or zero carbon sources of  energy are still hotly debated. This is because reliable and affordable energy is fundamental to  our modern economic, political, and social systems, as well as to human well-being, and fossil fuels  are still the most reliable and affordable sources of that energy. Energy transitions take