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Energy Security cannot be forgotten in the global energy transition

Written By: Jack Mintz and Ron Wallace Published: Macdonald-Laurier Institute ENERGY SECURITY CANNOT BE FORGOTTEN IN THE GLOBAL ENERGY TRANSITION  A new paper by Jack Mintz and Ron Wallace warns that overly rapid transitions to net zero will invite serious unintended consequences. OTTAWA, ON (April 12, 2022): While achieving greater energy efficiencies and reducing green house emissions sound reasonable, w

Doubling Down On Green Energy 'Economically Dangerous' With Targets Impossible To Meet: Keynote

 Published: Daily Oil Bulletin Writer: Maurice Smith The green energy transition was not sustainable prior to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that has roiled global energy markets, and it’s even more untenable with the doubling down on the transition announced by many countries as a solution to the energy crisis, according to a senior fellow at the  Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, Inc. In a keynote at the 2022 Scotiabank CAPP Energy Symposium titled The Energy Transition – A Reality Check in the Post-Ukraine World,  Mark Mills  said as a consequence of the war, “the world has rediscovered energy dependencies and the importance of hydrocarbons — oil, gas and coal.” “The interesting question in many respects is whether or not this will be some kind of great reset in energy matters, or whether it's an acceleration, as many of you already know, that the proponents of the energy transition want, an acceleration of that ostensible transition,” he told the symposium. The Manhattan I