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An Inconceivable Truth

Let’s face it most of us have great difficulty recognizing the truth even when it is being told to us. We filter and analyse all incoming information on an ongoing basis using all the natural tools that we have in our possession to determine if the stories that we are being told are accurate and true. We consciously and subconsciously monitor the narrator for body language, eye contact, breathing, blinking, facial expression and other signals, but when all is said and done, unless we are listening to Pinocchio we really can’t be sure that the information is in fact true or false. Pinocchio was a fictional character from the children's novel  The Adventures of Pinocchio  (1883) by Italian writer  Carlo Collodi . He was a wooden  puppet  who dreamt of becoming a real boy and was known for his tendency to lie, which caused his nose to grow . What is said is not always what is heard; marriage councillors regularly will get people to restate what the other party has “just