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We Need To Talk About Energy Policy - And Climate Change

By: Brad Hayes Published: Daily Oil Bulletin The media wars — mainstream media, social media, blogs, and others — continue to heat up over energy policy and climate change, and Canada is in the heart of the battle. Canada is a prosperous nation, where many people have the luxury to worry about societal issues instead of about where their next meal (or kilowatt) is going to come from. We’re also a major energy supplier, with huge oil and gas resources and world-leading technology to produce them. Only a few other nations — the United States, Norway and Australia come to mind — are in similar situations. And none of them have to deal with all the Canadian issues, such as a variety of First Nations interests, industry activity that is largely onshore and in sight of residents, and strongly diverging provincial / regional views around production and transportation. Moral foundations theory suggests that people’s attitudes and convictions around important issues — like ene

More Canada, Please.

Written by: Steve Laut Published in: The Hitch – Winter 2019 Edition. Pg 8 More Canada, Please. THANKS EVERYBODY for coming here today. Let’s start off with energy and climate. I suspect that those of you from outside Alberta are thinking ‘you’re an oil and gas guy talking about climate change…in Alberta… this probably isn’t going to be very positive.’ That is the common perception and it’s reinforced by the oil and gas sector’s detractors and it’s constantly played in social media and mainstream media.      So today, I have a very positive story on climate change ; a huge opportunity for Canada, the oil and gas sector, and how Canada can make a significant difference in the world. This is a unique and unprecedented leadership opportunity for Canada. It’s an opportunity that I’m very excited about. It’s an opportunity that Canada should not and must not miss.      The opportunity has been created by the Canadian oil and gas sector’s ability to leverage tech