Alberta Traffic Safety Focus for April: Speed

The following was published by Traffic Safety Alberta. Every month they have a new focus, April's focus is on Speed, and the 2015 calendar can be found here: 

May's focus is on Young Drivers and Distracted Driving, it can be found here: 

Our traffic safety focus this month is on Speed.

Speeding doesn’t always kill. Brain injuries are one of the most common injuries that results from speed-related collisions. One in four fatal crashes involves a driver travelling at a speed unsafe for the prevailing road conditions.

·         In the last 5 years, 467 people were killed and 12,036 were injured in collisions involving unsafe speed. (2009-2013);

·         In 2013, 26.6 per cent of fatal collisions involved a driver travelling at an unsafe speed;

·         Speeding can cause long-term consequences that may affect you and your family;

·         When you slow down, you increase the safety for yourself and your passengers as well as other road users;

·         Demerits for speeding range from two points (exceeding the posted limit by less than 15 km/h) to six points (exceeding the posted limit by more than 50 km/h);

·         In the last 5 years, 39 per cent of fatal speed-related collisions occurred in urban areas, leaving 61 per cent in rural areas (2009-2013);

·       Edmonton had 50 speed-related fatal collisions, Calgary had 47 and Fort McMurray had 13 (5 in town and 8 just outside town) (2009-2013).

I encourage all of our traffic safety partners to discuss this important issues this month, and have included some draft tweets to assist you.  

  • #Speeding doesn’t always kill – brain injuries are the most common injury in speed-related crashes #abroads #speeddoesntalwayskill 
  • Brain injuries are one of the most common injuries that results from speed-related collisions #abroads #speeddoesntalwayskill 
  • Speed limits save lives every day - maybe today it’s yours! Listen to this #abroads 
  • #Speeding increases the probability of injury or death if there is a crash #abroads
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