Changing the Canadian Resource Story

Today I’d like to introduce you to a new natural resource advocacy program designed for grassroots resource people like us. It’s called ResourcEd Grassroots. It’s brought to us by Steve Simons, Canada's leading authority on the ‘environment versus economy’ division, politicization and positioning that continues to impact natural resource industries.

We’ve all been watching as professional activists dominate the public dialogue on Canadian natural resource development.

I know this has been a point of frustration for many of you. Activists paint a dark picture of our industries that in turn influence public opinion and political decisions. It’s been going on far too long.

Our association continues to look for ways to change the story and provide new ways to advocate for ourselves. Our goal is to change the public dialogue from negative to positive.

I encourage every one of you to take a look at, and support, what Steve is bringing us. He comes from the trenches himself having worked in natural resource industries for more than 30 years.

ResourcEd Grassroots gives us a look at how professional activists influence the public and shows us new ways to deal with it. It’s the first and only program of its kind. It also recognizes that grassroots resource people like us can step up where industry alone cannot.

This week he is opening the new ResourcEd Grassroots initiative to a select and exclusive audience. We’ve worked with Steve in the past and he is making it available to all our members and member employees.

The initiative is designed to give grassroots resource workers and community groups what they need to be informed and proactive in changing the narrative on Canada’s natural resource industries.

This initiative is truly grassroots. No industry, government or foundation funding was provided to develop it. 

ResourcEd Grassroots is not open to the general public and will not be visible on his website. Web search parameters have been shut off. The only way to get into the program is to have the internet address.

The ResourcEd Grassroots initiative is intended to be an exclusive and safe space for resource people to get the support they need to change the narrative around Canadian natural resources - this is not intended for activists or trolls.

The full address and program description is here:

We’ve all been looking for a way to be more fully involved. This is it. 


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